Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday...Ten Things Husbands Need to Know about Mom's Night Out

I've tried to explain to my husband, as dear and wonderful as he is, that mom's night out does not mean I've run out for an errand without a kid in tow. As most moms already know, mom's night out is usually the result of feeling overworked, overmomed or overtired, in need of a little private time to do something just for yourself. Sometimes, however, we still need to clarify the mom's night out concept. Tonight's top 10 should help.

It's Not Mom's Night Out If...

1. You're at the DMV.
2. You're pushing anything that resembles a grocery cart, wagon - or worse, flatbed.
3. What you're eating was storred in a plastic baggie.
4. You have a pen or pencil in hand.
5. Your outfit is spandex.
6. Your purse is a tote bag or includes a waterproof mat.
7. You didn't shower.
8. You stop at Carters, CVS or Home Depot, not even for a minute.
9. Your husband wants to come along.
10. You're sitting across from your therapist.

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