Friday, February 22, 2013

Fall in love with fruit salad

Last week, Lila's preschool class celebrated Valentine's Day. The students designed their own bags to collect cards, treats, and handmade crafts from their friends. This was the first year that Lila actually crafted her own Valentines-- she wrote a short message in each (copying off of conversation hearts for inspiration and spelling), decorated them with lots of stickers, and signed her name with a heart embellishment (instead of a dot) over her "i." Impressive!

We brought in a delicious Valentine fruit salad to share with her class. We thought this would be a fun, healthy alternative to candy. Lila used a heart-shaped cookie cutter for the watermelon while I cut a "V" in the tops of the strawberries to make them heart-shaped as well.

When I picked Lila up after school, all that was left were the empty containers. She reported that the fruit salad "was a hit!"

The cookie-cutter fruit salad could work for any occasion-- perhaps shamrock melon for St. Patty's Day?

Enjoy! -Tara

Our lovely heart-shaped fruit salad.
I just loved Lila's personalized Valentine messages--
reflective of her technologically advanced generation

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