Friday, June 1, 2012

Holy Guacamole!

For Cinco De Mayo, Lila's preschool taught the kids how to make guacamole. Up until that moment, Lila wouldn't touch guac because (as her picky father would also say) she didn't "like the way it looked." It was mushy and green, therefore, not very appealing to her despite the fact that Mexican is her absolute fave food and she was nearly born at a Mexican restaurant. (I went into labor at "Taco Loco.")

However, if Lila creates it herself it has to be good. Lila is now a big fan of guacamole-- as long as it's her own! She is also thrilled to be growing an avocado plant at school from the pit. She excited to go to school every day to check on it.

Her recipe is below. I don't know the measurements because Lila tends to cook intuitively (unlike her mother who likes to be precise). The only instructions I have are to chop and prep the ingredients for your little one and let them work their magic. 

2 avocados 
peel, cut, remove pit, let your child have a ball mashing them up in a bowl.

chopped onion
chopped red, green, and yellow pepper
chopped tomatoes
finely chopped garlic
Put them out on the cutting board and allow "the chef" to decide how much or how little to add into the mashed avocado. Stir it all together.

top with:
salt and pepper
a squeeze of lime

Enjoy with tortilla chips or, how Lila likes it, by the spoonful!


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