Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The sweet and the sour of the lemonade business

Sunday morning, Lila's lemonade stand opened for business. The young entrepreneur was still watching her morning cartoons and finishing her breakfast when her first eager customers (Grandma and John) arrived at 8:45am (15 minutes before the official grand opening.) Lila came running out reciting her sales pitch: "Lemonade! Le-mo-nade!!!"

The first couple dollars came with pure excitement! And so began our small business venture... Here are some things that we learned:

The Sweet:
  • Having a lemonade stand means you get to sample your own products-- ice cold mint lemonade, giant sugar cookies, and yummy cupcakes. After all, you have to test for quality control.
  • Lemonade stands seem to evoke instant happiness. We received lots of smiles just from the mere sight of our stand.
  • Some people will give you money just for being cute and not even take any lemonade or treats.  Or some big spenders will pay double or triple the price for lemonade. (Hmmm, perhaps we were under priced?)
  • You get to meet other children in your neighborhood and set up future play dates.
  • If you have left over products, your Nana will buy the rest and even let you have some of what you just sold to her. ("Nana, can I have some of your lemonade and cookies?")
  • When you own your own business you could make your own hours such as deciding to shut down early for nap time.
  • The sweetest thing of all??? An extra $14.50 in your piggy bank! 

The Sour:

  • Cupcakes with chocolate frosting will melt in the sun. 
  • Sometimes it gets boring when no one comes by for a while.
  • You might get a tummy ache from too much product sampling.
  • Some grouchy people will actually walk by and ignore a little kid even when asked nicely "Would you like to try some lemonade?" (How rude!) 
  • Owning your own business is hard work!! As your business expands, employees (or even partners) may be needed... (But, actually, that could be fun!)  

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