Friday, March 24, 2017

My Ladybug Girl and her Birthday Party

The Ladybug Girl series of books has long been one of Clara's favorites. The sometimes shy and nervous protagonist, Lulu, becomes brave and courageous whenever she puts on her ladybug costume. Clara loves reading about Ladybug Girl's following her on all of her spunky adventures. 

These are one of those rare children's picture books that transcends the passage of time. Clara discovered the books as a two-year-old and even though she is reading much more advanced chapter books now as an eight-year-old, she is just as happy to settle down with one of the Ladybug Girl books today. David Soman and Jacky Davis, the husband-and-wife team behind the Ladybug Girl books, are masterful at capturing the whimsy and everyday imagination of children.

My Ladybug Girl at the Beach
Whenever Clara is asked to pick a favorite book, she always returns to one of the Ladybug Girl books. In PreK she chose to dress up as Ladybug Girl for Favorite Book Character Day. Last summer, totally unprompted, she decided to emulate Ladybug Girl at the Beach. She surprised her friends and confused some fellow beachgoers by showing up in full ladybug garb on a 90-degree summer day.

My Ladybug Girl's 7th Birthday Party
For her 7th birthday party, Clara decided to continue her passion for ladybugs by hosting a ladybug-themed party for friends. She had showed a preference for winged creatures in the past. Her fifth birthday party was butterfly-themed. Clara invited a dozen friends to celebrate her magical day with her at a local party spot.

The birthday girl in full ladybug regalia.

Butterfly wings served as a party costume as well as a favor.

while she munched on marshmallows and other treats.

The girls created their very own Ladybug Girl dolls, making a red gauzy dress and drawing eyes, lips, noses, and rosy cheeks for their dolls.

The guests gathered in a circle to play some party games.

My very favorite part of the party was seeing my sometimes shy daughter come to life as she read Ladybug Girl to her friends. 

She took the time to make sure everyone could see all of the pictures. 

The owner of the party shop was skeptical when I said that my newly turned seven-year-old was going to read as a party activity. She thought that a young reader may not be able to keep the attention of all of the guests. However, Clara stayed poised, reading enthusiastically and with great emotion.
Clara read the story to a sea of fellow ladybugs. 

A tired and happy ladybug ready to blow out her candles. 

I love that Clara is still able to enjoy the magic of childhood even as she creeps closer to tweendom. I am happy that the Ladybug Girl series presented an opportunity for Clara to learn how to become a brave and self-empowered girl.


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