Sunday, July 15, 2012

Don't judge a book without a cover...

"Butterflies in the sky...I can go twice as hiiiigggghhhh!!"  Those words resonate vividly as I remember watching the opening credits of Reading Rainbow and getting ready to hear LaVar Burton introduce us to another piece of children's literature.  Being an avid reader as an adult I have to believe that this children's show had something to do with my love of books.

Well now, iPad owners, you too can enjoy the magic of Reading Rainbow with the new app!  It begins with a catchy animation sequence and video with LeVar showing us some of the highlights of the app.  Your child then enters their name, if they are a boy or a girl and then their reading preferences regarding themes.  i.e. adventure, princesses, animal stores, etc.  And then you in your "hot air balloon", get to explore different themed islands/books.

Once you do choose a book to read, you can read it yourself or have it narrated for you.  And on certain pages are surprises to be found...the illustrations literally come alive!  Elisa really enjoyed that aspect...she kept looking for these special indicators.

And there are even more aspects of the app that we haven't even discovered yet.  You do have to subscribe for a monthly or yearly membership but your first book is free...and for books being as expensive as they are I think this is a pretty good deal for unlimited books!  Now, I know (especially with being an educator) the whole dilemma with this being digital.  I, personally, love the feel of turning the pages with the weight of the book in your hands.  But I think that given the choice of digital book vs. no book, I would choose the first...and I have to believe that this will supplement your child's already present love of books or will help to nurture the start of it.

But you don't have to take my word for it.  :-)


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  1. Annabelle, this looks so cool. Reading Rainbow is one of my all-time favorite kid's shows ever. And that theme song is still stuck in my head after all these years.