Monday, July 16, 2012

The perfect day at the beach

With the first signs of summer, I instantly crave the beach. The sun on my skin, the sand between my toes, the relaxing rhythm of the waves… the beach is one of the simple joys of living in Connecticut. Born and raised near the shore, although I am a city girl, the water is an intrinsic part of me. Naturally, Lila is a true beach baby too. It is in our blood. 
Sure, we only have a few warm months to enjoy the sun and sand, but that’s what makes it even more special. Each summer, we take pleasure in many “staycations” at Grandma’s condo on the beach. What’s even better is sharing these days with friends.
On our most recent beach excursion, Lila proclaimed "this is the best day ever!" It is memories like these that I hope she will remember for years.

If you are heading to the beach,
here are a few tips to have the "best day ever!"

   The girls loved making "sand and lobster 
cupcakes" with the *Melissa & Doug Cupcake Set
What to pack:
  • waterproof sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • sun hats
  • flip flops or water shoes
  • beach towels
  • large comfy towels and/or blankets
  • beach umbrella
  • wipes and paper towels
  • snacks
  • a cooler with drinks & ice
  • beach toys*
  • extra plastic bags for garbage and wet towels

What not to bring? Your cell phone. Mine overheated and my mom’s got wet. Remember, the whole point of the beach is being logged off and disconnected while enjoying nature. So, if possible, take a break and leave the cell phone at home.

(Mom and daughter moments at the beach)

After the beach:
The first thing we all want to do when returning from the beach is get rid of the sand that seems to accumulate everywhere. My mom and her bf John scored a genius find at the Christmas Tree Shop which made the rinsing off part even more fun than the beach—water shooters! Most moms dislike the violent feel associated with water guns, but water shooters are a fun alternative. We put out a large tub of water that the kids used to fill their shooters. Then they let loose soaking each other. The result? Clean kids and giggles galore! Your kids will have a blast, however, a note of caution, they will turn on you. The moms were left totally defenseless and completely soaked!

After everyone was clean and in fresh clothes, the girls were each given a container of bubbles. Bubbles never seem to get old. They entertained themselves blowing and chasing bubbles until lunch was ready.

The beauty of summer food is that it could be so simple but so delicious.

Our Summer Lunch Menu: 

An added bonus from a day at the beach is going home with a content and utterly exhausted child. All part of the plan {insert sinister laugh here}. With full bellies and the calming sea air, the girls were completely wiped out!

The end to a perfect day!

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