Friday, August 3, 2012

Eggs for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner...

We eat a lot of eggs at our house. One of our favorite and easiest dinner meals when we're too tired to cook a real dinner is to prepare sunny side up eggs on toast. More often than you might think given my current suburban surroundings, I dream about living on a farm. Although it took me well into my thirties to understand which fruit and vegetables are in season, I am, in fact, just one generation away from a whole family of farmers on my father's side. There is something about picking fresh vegetables or seeing an egg nestled in the ground that evokes a sense of calm and right-ness in my soul. I wish I knew more about the ins and outs of farming, but in the meantime, I settle for being part of a CSA and frequenting the local farmer's markets.

A recent fun find was the farmer's market at the Stamford Nature Center held on Fridays from 10am-2pm. It's a small market, and I was somewhat wary when the representative from the Nature Center called out with great urgency that there was just one container of eggs left-- she seemed to be pushing these eggs very hard. They looked like very small eggs to me. Turns out that they are bantam hen eggs from the hens on the property. For only $1.50 for the container, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try them. The eggs were less than half the size of a regular-sized egg, but they were flavorful. Although I'm not yet ready to keep a chicken coop at home like some of the other mama bloggers I read about, this felt like just about the next best thing.


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